Experimental Drug Tricks Body Into Losing Weight

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A new synthetic drug has been tested and might help a dieter’s dreams come true. This new drug may keep extra weight off, even while on a high-fat diet.

As of now though, the drug has only been tested in mice. For three months the mice received a heavy dose of the drug, and studies show that they didn’t gain any weight, even when on a high-fat diet.

This drug, currently called SRT1720, targets the SIRT1 gene and boosts metabolism, tricking the body into thinking calories are scarce, even when they’re not.

The study reported that there was no strange behavior or side effects from the mice, such as picky eating or excessive activity. The drug was developed by Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, a GlaxoSmithKline company.

“These results show that new synthetic SIRT1 activators can reproduce the positive metabolic effects that were previously demonstrated using resveratrol. But unlike resveratrol, these new chemical entities target only the SIRT1 pathway, making them more selective and potent for achieving these metabolic benefits,” Researcher Professor Johan Auwerx, of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland, said.

This new drug could be an important tool in fighting obesity and diabetes, however, it is a long way from being used in humans.

Do you think researchers may have found the ‘miracle’ weight-loss pill that millions of people have been searching for? I think the old-fashioned method still works pretty well – a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

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Nov 5, 2008
by Anonymous

SRT1720 is synthetic resveratrol and is available now

The concentrate referred to in this article is a compound contained in red wine called resveratrol (Transmax) and produced by biotivia in the US and the UK. The molecule has been shown in Harvard University peer reviewed studies by Dr. Sinclair to not only cause substantial weight loss but to also prevent diabetes in obese mammals and to both prevent the onset of Diabetes in obese mammals and to safely reduce blood sugar. In studies of biotivia transmax and bioforte, a concentrated resveratrol supplement used by reseachers, this compound has also exhibited important neuroprotective effects against Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Resveratrol works by activating the human SIRT-1 anti-aging genes. In a journal Nature study it was found to increase life span of mice by 31% and prevent the usual diseases of aging and obesity including Diabetes, stroked and tumors.

Nov 10, 2008
by Anonymous


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