Explain This Image

Ever since internet connectivity became a staple in every American household, one of the most cherished past times of surfers everwhere has been to find the wierdest and most bizarre images out there, and show them to friends and family.  There's a myriad of sites out there that can bring you strange content, but much of them have become riddled with ads, useless toolbars, and spyware.  ExplainThisImage is such a site that builds upon the tried-and-true practice of looking at bizarre photos from the web, simply stating "WTF??", while not overloading you with advertising.

 What sets ExplainThisImage apart from the rest of so-called "viral" content sites is definitely the content itself.  However, not all these images are exclusive to the site.  In fact, few of them truly are.  But, with a rating system that makes it as easy to participate as it is to share, ExplainThisImage comes off as a little more genuine in its delivery of bizarro stuff than has-beens like Ebaum's World or the infamous 4chan.  ExplainThisImage is purely about weird photos that defy explanation, and nothing else.

With any site like this, you have to understand that a certain percent of the material is going to be NSFW, or unsuitable for certain family members.  All that aside, you will definitely find some of the most wickedly odd or  hilariously unexplainable images on the web here, ready to be shared with the world.  To be fair, the site is not perfect.  If you go to use their pre-made embed codes, either for HTML or BBCode formats, be aware that they are reversely marked.  Use the one marked "BBCode" for HTML and vice versa.

Once in a while we like to visit the fringes of human experience, and ExplainThisImage is a good tool for that.  Every now and then, forwarding a jaw-dropping image of a man apparently about to drill into his own skull is a good time!  Especially when you get the reaction from your friends.  Just don't push it too far.  InventorSpot is not in any way responsible for awkward moments produced by the sharing of images on any of the sites mentioned in this article =P