Exploding 'Savings Bomb' Piggy Bank Scares Japan into Saving

Save your money... or else!Save your money... or else!
Japanese toy company TOMY has found an interesting way to remind Japanese citizens to save their money. It's called the "Savings Bomb" and if you're not diligent about the former, you'll experience the latter!

Financial mess in the making...Financial mess in the making...
Here's how it works: regularly deposit coins in the classic black bomb-shaped bank and all is well. Don't get greedy and try to take some out, though. Try it and the LED-equipped clear plastic "wick" lights up as a warning. Persist in your prying, or just forget to pop in your coins, and you'll be sorry...

Explosion rocks Wall Street - or YOUR street!Explosion rocks Wall Street - or YOUR street!
First the bomb bank begins to quiver and quake, then it emits a rising crescendo of destructive sounds. The climax comes when the bank splits asunder, spewing out its hoard of coins and leaving you to pick up the pieces of eight. Don't worry though, what comes apart goes back together again - leaving you none the richer but much the wiser! Fun a-plenty for just 2,922 yen (about $25) at most Japanese department stores. (via NewLaunches.com) (Update: Now also available on Amazon here.)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer