Explore The Random Rabbid Universes of "Rabbids Go Home"

Those whacky Rabbids are at it again with their new title, Rabbids Go Home.  The series first sprung from the Rayman series by Ubisoft, and eventually evolved into its own thinking, breathing, screaming comedy video game series.  If you don't want to wait to see what the world of Rabbids Go Home has in store for you on popular console systems, you can get a look at things right from your browser.

It's not a full version of the game, of course.  In fact, I doubt this very much resembles the actual gameplay at all.  But the colors and the zaniness of the game make it worth it.  You get a bunch of "universes" to pick from to play around in, and the controls are really simple.  Just use left and right arrows to avoid obstacles and collect items.

When I played the game, there was a pronounced lag on the controls in moving from any position.  It's a shame, because I think I could have really schooled this game, by the looks of it.  As it is, I ran into a bunch of things I could have easily otherwise avoided.  That doesn't really take away from the fun factor, though.  This promo site for Rabbids Go Home is really a blast.

Maybe I'm partial to the series, but this site really made me smile.  It's not often that a video game series puts this kind of effort into translating the tone of the game into an attractive, interactive website.  If you are not familiar with either the Rayman series or just Rabbids, in general, do yourself a favor and go check it out.  Have a laugh at their expense!