Explosives and Bombs: New Detection Devices for a Safer Future

A government’s duties are countless and just one of these primary obligations is to keep a country safe from attack. To ensure the safety of their citizens, officials must appoint a great many people in order to study and complete endless testing of products whenever a fantastic idea has been formed. This, in turn, either spawns a new way of thinking known as technological advances or lands the brilliant minds back to the drawing boards.

American Innovations is a manufacturer of a long line of defense tools and they have just created a revolutionary product that opens the door to a whole new horizon on the security frontier. The XD-2i is a detection unit for explosives and bombs that is not only new but more advanced than ever.

Although the main buyers of these devices are government agencies like homeland security it is also used by various companies and corporations as well as the military. Whether at home or abroad, an explosives detection unit is an important element used for defending life. With the price tag attached to the new XD-2i of a dollar amount between $11,000 to $13,000 (depending on the purchasing entity or government contract vehicles the XD-2i is purchased from) it really shows just how expensive technology can be.

The Importance of this Bomb Detection Device

xd-2i-2xd-2i-2Because explosive devices are the preferred method of killing the enemy and intended targets for just about every government and terrorist cell from around the globe, this is a very smart invention. This new detection method used in explosives and bombs combines necessary technology from traditional factors such as ETD (explosives trace detectors) and EDC (explosives detection chemistry) to create this ground-breaking detection system.

XD-2i is one of the most reliable and effective detection devices on the market. But this isn’t the only reason that the product is getting noticed. This specific explosives detection unit is easy to use and it doesn’t require extensive training or experience. This alone speaks volumes of its importance and worth.

What Are the Capabilities of this Bomb Detection Device?

The chemistry is the driving force behind the way this kit works. Regardless of whether or not the explosives are solid and dry or sticky and wet the detection process will discover the threat and verify it. Perhaps the best feature is the prep time… a mere 30 seconds is all it takes.

As for how long it takes the explosives detection system to enlighten the users as to exactly what they are dealing with, well that depends solely on the type of bombs being used. There will always be variations of old devices, new explosives and techniques during the making as is with the advancement of all things. So in some cases it may take a moment or two and in others hardly any time at all. This is the price to pay for crafty, not to mention maniacal, minds that think up the way these bombs are created.

Awesome Aspects: Portability of Bomb Detection Device

XD-2iXD-2iThe portable aspect is one of convenience. No need to sit in a mobile lab to get the same end results. Some would think that the over all capacity and functionality would suffer because of this but that is just not the case.

There is no need to fear for the contents of the kit or if they need optimal conditions in order to be effective. The XD-2i is meant for on the go needs. No matter the weather or environmental conditions, these explosives devices are designed to be completely accurate in the detection homemade bombs and all other explosives.This new explosives detection device known as the XD-2i has so many wonderful features that it makes an intelligent addition to any security organization. From the excellent advancements that need no calibrating to the ‘no explosive carryover’ factor to the diverse areas that can be tested, it still doesn’t say enough about immense technology captured in these devices.