Extra! Extra! eRoll To Give Newspaper New Lease On Life! In Other News, Paper Routes Down 100%

Sure, newspapers are great if you don't mind newsprint-covered hands, folds in all the wrong places and a massive pile of useless paper when you're done. Sounds great. For those a little more forward-thinking, Dragan Trencevski has come up with an alternative - the sleek and slightly saran-wrap-dispenser-looking eRoll.

At it's heart, this concept design is a thin, roll-able LCD screen that easily fits into a small black tube when not in use and rolls out into a rectangular surface when the need to read has to be freed. This is intended to give the user the feeling of holding a real newspaper, but without the tactile drawbacks like newsprint on the fingers and the frustration of the paperboy always forgetting to include your Sunday color comics - uh...Times Crossword. Yeah, crossword, that's right. Almost had that last one in pen, too. First try. 

 The eRoll: These could be your handsThe eRoll: These could be your hands

The idea here is that the screen could display any page of the paper, allowing you to skip silly things like the classifieds or the daily pandering of local politicians and get to the good stuff like the travel section and the world report. The other great part of this programmable print pretender is that no mess will result from its use. No more clipping news paper articles or storing away the last twenty-five years of the "Small Town Shouter", and no need to create a pile of recycling or garbage bags fill of grey paper better used to wrap delicious codfish and fried chips than dispense authoritative news.

Instead, the eRoll would feature the ability to store documents - from newspaper articles to full magazine editions or even photographs. Take it along, read it on the the bus, and when you're done, simply roll it back up.  We're not sure if it operates on the old "pull-blind" principle and could spool up comically, scaring your seat-mates on the light rail transit if you pull too hard, but in our minds it not only does, but makes a classic "whap-whap-whap" sound as it goes.

Roll on.

Source: Tuvie

Jun 21, 2010
by Anonymous

Now apply to blogs

Love to have apply to blogs alone IE IPad & now this & on your PC or laptop.

How Radical.

Darn price for above Flex E paper module.


Plug in and Read in the AM.


Imagine the world news U choose from your Flex E paper.