Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Fashionable T-Shirt Subscription Delivers The News

T-Post is a fashion brand that combines fashion with news. The t-shirt subscription service sends out a unique t-shirt based on a current news story to its subscriber base every six weeks; keeping the public informed about current events while ensuring they're also dressed fashionably.

T-Post's t-shirts may take a toll on your wallet, but if you allow their fashionable news to take the place of your usual magazine subscription, you make a sacrifice that enhances your wardrobe while being environmentally friendly. At 36 EURO per t-shirt, T-Post's subscription service delivers newsworthy fashion straight to your mailbox every 6 weeks. But unlike a magazine or newspaper subscription which ends up in your recycling bin when you're finished with it, you get to relive the news every time you wear your T-Post t-shirt.

Each of T-Post's newsworthy t-shirt designs is completed by a different designer. The by subscription-only t-shirts are produced in non-sweatshop American Apparel factories, and boast not only attractive graphics on the front and back of the garments, they also include the complete news story printed on the inside of the t-shirt.

The most recent t-shirt design released by T-Post in January of 2009 was titled "The Face of Honesty and Evil", designed by fashion house EEM, the design studio of Emmanuel Bosseut and Marie Laure Bellanger features an anatomical human face. The corresponding news story that explains how science has been able to generate human faces of people who are both good and evil and compare the anatomical differences.

Currently, T-Post only accepts subscribers within Sweden. Those who sign up for a membership need simply to select whether they'd like to receive their t-shirts in men's or women's sizes, and which specific size they require from the online size guide. They can expect to receive their first members t-shirt to introduce them to T-Post within 3 weeks, and after that will receive the fashionable news stories based on the regular subscription schedule.

Combining innovative fashion with news, T-Post keeps fashionistas in the know and looking stylish.

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Feb 25, 2009
by Anonymous

I hope they are working on the underwear....

...for news briefs.

Feb 25, 2009
by Fashion Finds
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that would be way too funny,

that would be way too funny, let's hope they're listening!