5 Extraordinary Trash To Treasure Chandeliers

I'm not a big fan of chandeliers. They're too much glitter and glamour for me, but every now and then I will come across a unique chandelier that just sparks my interest. Below is a list of trash to treasure chandeliers I think are absolutely innovative.


1. Chandelier: Teacups Recycled

via renestvia renest

I love the teacup chandelier made by Madeleine Boulesteix. She makes her elegant chandelier out of recyclable material such as spoons, plastic, teacups. This one is made of teacups and it's the kind of chandelier I would love my daughters to give me when I am a grandmother. We would sit and drink cinnamon tea with my homemade banana cake or oatmeal crazy cookies. Madeleine Boulesteix's other Chandeliers are just as beautiful and eco-friendly.


2. Chandelier: Cascade Plastic Bottoms

via Inhabitatvia Inhabitat

This very long elegant chandelier made by Michelle Brand is surprisingly made of plastic bottle bottoms (cut flower-like). The bottle bottoms are "cut, sanded and then tagged together". With these same techniques she has designed a Flowerfall, which can be used as a window screen, room divider or anything else you wish, and a Blossom that uses LED lights.


3. Chandelier: Solar Powered and Plastic

via ecofriendvia ecofriend

This chandelier made by Aurora Robson is wild and it glows in the dark. ,it is also made of recycled plastic bottles, but uses Solar-powered LEDs to light up a room. Her artwork has has kept "about 20,000 plastic bottles from reaching the landfill".


4. Chandelier: Prescription Glasses

via stuarth aygarthvia stuarth aygarth

If you have lost your prescription glasses they may just be in this chandelier created by Stuart Haygarth. Over 1000 pairs of prescription glasses are hung together to make this innovative chandelier. "A mirror ball light effect is produced as the light is refracted through the several layers of lenses." He also created the very colorful Party Popper Shell chandelier made of recycled party popper shells.


5. Chandelier: Beer Bottles

via Eco-friendvia Eco-friend

Here is one for the guys or the gal that has a game room in her home. What better way to make your game room really look sporty, then to add a 2 Tier Pool Table Chandelier to the ceiling. It will set you back $1,250.00, but it will go right over your pool and be a great conversation starter. Be wary of your drunken friends. They may just try to pull a bottle off the lamp.

I hope you enjoyed today's list. May it inspire you to fill your rooms  with planet-friendly eye-pleasing lighting from now on. All you need is a little trash, your imagination and some eco-friendly lights (go solar power).  

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