Extreme Employment: 1,768-Foot Free Climb Up Radio Tower


Those of us big kids that have a sport or two that we love to participate in, all want one simple thing: less time at work and more time to do what we love. Sure, you can take the occassional "sick" day, and there's always the weekend, but there's just never enough time to get after it.

Perhaps, we've got it all wrong. Maybe the key is to find a job that lets you work and play at the same time. Ski patrollers and professional athletes have been doing it for a long time, so maybe it's time to think a little more creatively. 

You can't spend your work week climbing El Cap, but what if climbing were a regular part of your job. That's the way it is for the radio tower engineer in the video below. The views may not be as rewarding as a crack-climb up Zion's red sandstone, but the 1,768-foot  climb, with some free-climbing elements (read: nothing keeping the guy bolted to the tower if he slips) is surely just as exhilarating. The final antenna ascent may just require you to break for the bathroom. 

You have to see this one to believe it--the guy clearly doesn't abide by the maxim "Just don't look down" (my stomach dropped about 10 times). Unfortunately, it seems to be narrated by the guy that does Google's videos, but the action makes up for it. 

Via Dvice