I- Brite Eye Whitening Surgery Restores a Healthy Look

The quest for physical perfection has taken another leap forward recently with the introduction of surgical eye whitening.  Yes, that’s right; I didn’t say teeth whitening – eye whitening!  It is true that it can be frustrating when you are trying to look your best and your eyes are red from lack of sleep, dry weather, too much time in front of computer, allergies or any number of other irritations.  Even when you are generally looking great, having blood-shot eyes can give you a tired, worn-out look.

Of course there are eye drops for such problems, but for those who are interested in a more permanent look this procedure may be an option.  According to a recent Shine article, the procedure was developed 13 years ago by a doctor in Korea.  There have been approximately 13,000 of the procedures done so far and one Los Angeles vision facility is currently performing the procedure, with other U.S. clinics likely to follow in the near future.

The surgery is said to only take between 5 and 20 minutes per eye and involves removing the outer membrane that holds the veins and discolorations.  Within 2-4 weeks a new, clear membrane will grow back in its place, leaving the patient with bright, white eyes. 

It seems like quite a drastic step for whiter eyes, but if discolored eyes are a chronic problem for you or if you have developed bumps or other growths on the surface of your eyes then this could be a great opportunity to restore a healthy eye look.

Source: BoxerWachler.com

Mar 11, 2010
by Kim Patterson

It is kind of an odd

It is kind of an odd concept, but people often associate bloodshot eyes with being tired, sick or on drugs, especially if it happens a lot.  So I guess it could help if a person regularly has issues with red eyes and people are misinterpreting what is going on.

Apr 5, 2011
by Anonymous

i want this procedure

i want this procedure because like them i have a problem regarding in discoloration of the eyes but i dont know where here in japan doing this procedure