Eyealike.com: Matchmaker Turns On Daters Using Facial Recognition

A big part of dating is based on physical attraction, and now with Eyealike.com you can upload a photo of your ideal man or woman; whether it's a celebrity crush, your next door neighbor, or TV personality, and find an eligible bachelor or bachelorette that looks just like the person you can't have to love. Live in fear of restraining orders and stalking charges no more, because with Eyealike.com you can find your own version of the man or woman of your dreams through online dating.

Typical dating and matchmaking websites require you to look through photo after photo to find someone you're attracted to. Sure, you can search for a dating match based on qualities, but what if your only criteria is to date someone who looks like Angelina Jolie or your favorite celebrity crush? We've all seen how badly pursuing a relationship with a celebrity or anyone else who's off the dating market can end up; stalking the person of your dreams can take a toll on your ego, and who needs jail time or accusations of insanity when you can use Eyealike.com to find someone who looks just like them.

Eyealike.com uses the Eyealike Facial Tool to compare the image you've uploaded of your ideal mate to single daters on some of the most popular dating sites on the internet. Once it finds facial matches; online bachelors who look like the photo you uploaded of Tom Cruise, or bachelorettes who look like Jessica Alba; it's up to you to make contact through the dating site and arrange a date to make a love connection.

Eyealike.com may use a superficial method of matchmaking, but whether you agree with it or not, there's a proven industry out there for dating sites that rely on physical attraction alone (see: "Beautiful People Dating and Networking Site").

Via: KillerStartups.com