The Eyecatcher Bracelet Focuses On Fashion And Function

The wearables market continues to grow and it is starting to advance past pure "function," and deviate into fashion. While wearables have always been a fashion statement at their core, they had functionality so you could defend yourself (and your smartwatch) during conversations. The Eyecatcher bracelet flips the roles however; lots of fashion with less emphasis on function.

At its core, the Eyecatcher bracelet from LookSee is an always-on, smart bracelet that connects to your phone through a low-energy Bluetooth connection. The Eyecatcher promises a 1-year life from its 100mAH battery, and that's on a single charge. While 90% of the bracelet is the screen, the bezel comes in three different choices for you to choose from: stainless steel, sterling silver, and white bronze. The differences aren't huge, but by offering multiple bezel options it allows you to match to your other accessories and jewelry better.

Clock display options on the Eyecatcher: Helps bring some function to the unitClock display options on the Eyecatcher: Helps bring some function to the unit

Let's talk about this screen. The screen is a 6:1 scale, 150 ppi (pixels per inch) bi-static display that will rotate images by the second, hour, or day. Sadly, it is not full color and only features 16-level grayscale. Full color would have been better, but one would assume that's how it keeps a 1-year charge. Using Bluetooth, users can connect their iPhone and the Eyecatcher app (Seriously, no Android support?) to set up the images to be displayed on the unit. There is also a small amount of built-in memory that allows the bracelet to display images even when you are away from your phone.

Eyecatcher with Notifications: Displays notifications directly on the braceletEyecatcher with Notifications: Displays notifications directly on the bracelet

There is some function with the bracelet, and you can use it to display a clock and even receive notifications directly on the screen. There is also cloud support through the app that allows you to share images with friends and family, with the ability to subscribe to others who use the app/bracelet and see what they are displaying on theirs. While the functions of the Eyecatcher are rather basic, it's nice to see them in the unit.

The Eyecatcher is currently available for pre-order and users who sign-up for the VIP list get a 24 hour notice of the launch in advance with ability to get the bracelet for the best possible price, with VIP members and early birds getting a starting price of approximately $200 and up for the different finishes.