EyeClops Toys Change the Way Children See the World

Check this out:

Ah!!!  Giant eyeball!!!!!Ah!!! Giant eyeball!!!!!

Looks like a pimped-out version of the Voigt-Kampf Replicant sniffer from Blade Runner.  But it is nothing so sinister; in fact, it's really cool.

This is Jakk's EyeClops Bionic Eye, a kid's toy that definitely has practical applications.  Essentially this thing is a video microscope, allowing for items to be viewed at 200-times normal size on any television screen.

 Billy makes sure Dad didn't give him a counterfeit coin.Billy makes sure Dad didn't give him a counterfeit coin.

A handheld device, the EyeClops Bionic Eye runs on five AA batteries.  Three built-in LED lights provide illumination of the item being examined.  Accessories include an observation dish for studying liquids.

Though this is a toy, practical applications are readily apparent.  Just take little Billy's coin (pictured above).  I've seen professional versions of this same device used at coin shows to determine a coin's grade and authenticity.

And check out this bee:

Pretty cool, eh?

Or you can do creepy things with it like this guy:

Look, Ma!  No cancer!Look, Ma! No cancer!

After EyeClops won several awards, Jakks Pacific decided to expand on the line.

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

The EyeClops Multi-Zoom essentially does the same thing as the original-but offers varying degrees of magnification (100x, 200x, and 400x).

Then there's the EyeClops BioniCam:

This device truly makes the EyeClops a portable microscope thanks to a connected LCD screen.  Sporting the same magnification options as the Multi-Zoom, the BioniCam also offers recording capability on a built-in flash drive.  These recordings can then be watched on any standard television or PC thanks to a removable USB key.

I'm gonna veer away from the microscopes to show you a really cool accessory:

This thing sucks.This thing sucks.

As odd as it looks, the EyeClops Bug Vacuum does exactly what it sounds like it would do: sucks up bugs.  It then can be attached to the EyeClops "eye" to allow viewing of whatever has been sucked into the containment area.

I think this is just plain cool and wish I had one as a kid.  It's much more civilized when compared to crushing ants between glass on a slide.

And lastly, we have another viewing device from Jakks Pacific that... well, that I really want.

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth GogglesEyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles


Yepper.  Night-vision goggles.  For kids.  And not expensive.  And apparently, like all of the items above, they actually work!  You get up to fifty feet of clear vision-even in a pitch-black environment.

I'm not sure how safe I feel about kids having something like this.  It would make rolling houses (you know-massive amounts of toilet paper strewn all over someone's trees, bushes, cars, etc.) really easy.  And let's not get me started on the whole Peeping Tom issue.

Still-pretty neat.  And admit it: you want all of this stuff.  I know I do.  And the prices are so insanely affordable, with prices ranging from around $13 to $65, depending on what you're looking for.

Toys like this get me all excited.  They have what I call "The Willy Wonka" factor.  This means that kids will find them to be cool toys, but not have any idea that they operate on a completely different level for adults.  They all have practical applications and... heaven forbid... they're educational.  Wowzers!

You can purchase any of these items at Amazon.