Introducing the Eyeglasses of the Future: emPower! Electronic Glasses

Regular eyeglasses come with a lot of compromises. Sometimes people even need separate pairs for their reading glasses and corrective glasses to correct their sight. Don't even get me started on those bifocal and trifocals because while they have several regions to correct for distance, intermediate, and near-vision, they are also a common source of headaches and discomfort because your eyes need to constantly adjust and re-focus.

That's why PixelOptics have come up with these innovative glasses that have built-in microchips and micro-accelerometers so you can activate and switch on the near focus lens only when you need them. But how does it work?

The Lens

Well, basically these emPower! glasses are like the ones you see in futuristic movies where you just put them on and they just get right to work for you. They're equipped with a special type of lens that is filled with a transparent crystal liquid layer that can electronically change and activate the near focus zone or turn off  the reading power when you don't need it, all with the swipe of a finger. When the near focus is switched on, an invisible near reading segment is activated covering the whole screen so you can enjoy the entire lens as it is.

The Frames

The lens are controlled by the frames. The frames of the emPower! glasses are embedded with a strip of laser at the side and will be available in metal, memory metal, plastic, rimless, and semi-rimless in styles designed for men and women. Each of these frames include the electronic control package with the internal battery for powering up your glasses and a charger.

How emPower! Works

The wearer can use the glasses in two different modes: automatic and manual. In the automatic mode, the lenses will switch from normal to close-up vision simply with a slight tilt of your head to indicate that you are indeed reading something. To turn on the automatic mode, all you need to do is swipe your finger across the side of the frame and it's on. Swipe it again to turn it off.

In the manual mode, all you need to do is touch the side of the frame to activate the the near zone. Tap it again to turn it off. Fast, simple, and easy, not to mention convenient and literally easy on your eyes.

You might assume that since they're electronic and are equipped with a crystal liquid in the lens that they might prove to be more fragile or prone to breaking, but the emPower! glasses are actually shock-resistant and waterproof.

The glasses need to be charged, of course, but last 2-3 days with each full charge. This is probably one of the major setbacks next to the price (which is rumored to be around a whopping $1,200) because it would mean that you'd have to go back to using your old glasses while your emPower! is still charging.

The emPower! electronic focusing eyewear will be available in the Southeastern parts of the United States first and then to the rest of the country in late 2011.

Source: PixelOptics


Oct 22, 2011
by Anonymous

Eyeglasses of the future

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