EzyRoller Is The Ultimate Riding Machine

It’s not a skateboard. It’s not a bike. It’s not a scooter. It’s a bit of all of them, making EzyRoller your kid’s ultimate riding machine. EzyRoller does not have chains or pedals. You simply sit on it and propel yourself using the back and forth motion of pushing with your feet. In the same way a snake moves, the action and reaction of your movements allows you to zig and zag your way forward.

The Classic EzyRoller Riding Machine is designed for kids four-years-old and up, up to 150 pounds. But because it is so popular, creator Denis Allais added four more EzyRoller designs to accommodate children as young as two, older kids and adults up to 200 pounds, and older kids who want a faster ride. EzyRoller also created a model for schools and camps so it can stand up to lots and lots of use.

Because Allais has kids, he knows the importance of safety when it comes to things they play with and on so he made EzyRoller sturdy and durable. Allais also emphasizes the importance of wearing a helmet and sticking to the guidelines of use. Even though EzyRoller has a hand break, it is meant to be used on flat, smooth surfaces and away from traffic, swimming pools, and steep hills.

This may go without saying, but nothing is foolproof. Kids can find a way to hurt themselves on anything. While this may be different than anything your kid has seen, it is a safe riding alternative to a bike or scooter. Ten top product of the year awards, including ones from Dr. Toy’s and Creative Child to validate EzyRoller is safe and fun.

Here are your EzyRoller options.

Classic EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine

This is the original EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine. It’s for kids four-years-old and up, up to 150 pounds. It comes in many colors and has an extendable front bar so it grows as your child grows. EzyRoller has a hand brake, is made of steel and weighs about 12 pounds. Some assembly is required, but set-up is fast and easy. All tools are included. This is true for all EzyRollers.

EzyRoller Junior Ultimate Riding Machine

The EzyRoller Junior is for toddlers two to four-years-old and up to 100 pounds. The left and right foot pushing motion is still what moves it forward, but this riding machine comes with a handle bar for added stability as Junior carves it up with the big kids. It comes in red, blue, or pink and when your child is old enough, you can upgrade to the Classic EzyRoller with a separate purchase.

The Pro

Who says kids get to have all of the fun? The Pro lets teenagers and adults in on the action—and it’s a good thing because I want one. It is designed for kids ages 10 and up, up to 200 pounds. It is longer for longer legs, but also includes an extension. Choose from red, lime green, or black.

The Drifter

The suggested rider age for the Drifter is seven to 14-years-old, up to 150 pounds. The design of the Drifter’s wheels allows more adventurous riders to drift into corners and glide their way through fearless fun. Color options are lime green, red, orange, and blue.

The Education

The Education EzyRoller is meant to take a beating. It is specifically engineered for lots of use at schools, camps, and preschools. It is made with a reinforced steel frame, extra strong seat, and double front wheels. Buyers can get the Junior or the Classic. The Classic comes in small, medium, and large to accommodate most settings. Colors vary.

Which one will be your ultimate riding machine?

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