Fabulous Frizz Free Hair At Home – J F Lazartigue

Lazartigue Smoothing Straigtening ShampooLazartigue Smoothing Straigtening ShampooFirst there was Japanese hair straightening; it was all the rage until it wasn’t.  Then came the Brazilian keratin treatments promising to turn your curly hair into sleek, shiny straight strands of goodness.  And now with the economy in dire straights everyone is tightening their belts and trying to be more budget conscious.  I searched for some at-home remedies for curly or frizzy hair that would provide similar results for a fraction of the cost. French hair experts from J F Lazartigue has come to the rescue with a line of straightening products consisting of shampoo, conditioner and a gel.

Lazartigue is a very well-established line of hair care products in Paris and introduced the line to the US in 1987.  Jean-Francois Lazartigue was one of the first hair care specialist to incorporate Lazartigue Smoothing Straigtening ConditionerLazartigue Smoothing Straigtening Conditioneringredients like AHA, collagen and vitamins into products for the hair.  The line is paraben-free and is geared to nourish your hair as you age and protect from damage from weather, color treatments, bleaching and other things that cause your hair to look less than its best.

The new Lissant Anti-Frizzes (or in English Anti-Frizz Smoothing) line uses keratin, shea butter, prairie flowers and a host of other ingredients to straighten hair easily and without damage and it’s as simple as shampooing and conditioning your hair.
The Smoothing Straightening Shampoo works by removing the frizzy aspect caused by humidity. It’s a very thin liquid with no harsh odors.  The shampoos formula coats the shaft with a protective film which leaves your hair feeling very silky without weighing it down.  Complete the action with the Smoothing Straightening Conditioner formulated by “botanical auto-emulsionable prairie flowers from North America and rich in smoothing cationic agents”.  This conditioning treatment detangles and eliminates the frizzy aspect of hair, leaving hair perfectly smooth, soft, shiny and hydrated due to glycerin.  I may not understand the science behind the formula but my hair felt good after using it. It didn’t feel coated like many other conditioners that seem to leave a residue on your hair.
Lazartigue Smoothing Straigtening GelLazartigue Smoothing Straigtening Gel
I put the Smoothing Straightening Gel on after I towel dried my hair. Lazartigue uses many natural ingredients and the gels are from starch and Xanthan gum that act as conditioning and shining agents.  The high quality shea butter in the product is a powerful hydrating agent to prevent any dryness and, of course, the kertain smoothing agents enrobe the hair to create a shield from frizziness.  The results are amazing and are perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle.

A few minutes with a blow dryer had my hair looking salon-finished.  I didn’t use a flat iron, it didn’t take me all day, I didn’t’ need a gas mask to protect me from formaldehyde or any other harmful properties you find in many other straightening products and my hair came out shiny, sexy and healthy looking.  Many of the salons charge upwards to $700 for these types of results and it’s a big commitment financially and from a beauty perspective.  Now you can do it at home, in a cost-effective manner and feel good about nourishing your hair.

J F Lazartigue products can be purchased online or at the Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale.