You Have To Give Up Sugar, But You Could Invent Its Healthy Twin!

Frequent soda consumption can lead to hypertension.: image via HubPages.comFrequent soda consumption can lead to hypertension.: image via HubPages.comSugar is the last 'food group' I want to give up, believe me.  But it seems that no matter what health problem is being investigated lately, they find sugar as a major contributor.  Not surprisingly, this time it's hypertension. Hypertension has a blue ribbon in heart disease, stroke, aneurism, diabetes, and other life threatening diseases and events.

Though hypertension is a chronic condition, researchers at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center experimented with the immediate effects of fructose, a type of sugar commonly found in processed foods (whether they taste sweet or not). Following on the heels of a study that showed that women who drank two or more cans of soda a day were at high risk for kidney disease, the Colorado researchers tried to learn the effects of two cans of soda on blood pressure.

Keep in mind that normal blood pressure is at or below 120/80 - at least that's considered ideal blood pressure. The researchers found that in a group of 4500 persons with no prior indication of high blood pressure, 2.5 cans of soda (containing about 74 grams of fructose) put them at a 26 percent higher risk for blood pressure levels of 135/85, a 30 percent higher risk for blood pressure levels of 140/90, and a 77 percent higher risk for levels at or above 160/100. 

Fructose and all simple sugars are bad for you - whether you drink them in sodas or eat them in the most succulent chocolate truffle in the world.  If you want to live long and healthy, give up sugar and salt, exercise regularly, cut out hard alcohol, keep learning new things, and meditate.

Life will be boring without sugar for most of us; I may even go so far as to say 'hardly worth living.'  So if you really want to make a fortune with an invention, create something that looks, acts, and tastes like sugar but has no bad effect on anything... including the environment, of course.


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Jul 4, 2010
by Anonymous

There's a flaw in this logic...

The reality is that giving up daily sodas, sweets and salt laden foods is great for you, but it's only the first step in eating healthy.

I get about 25% of my calories from simple sugars...which is about 2.5 times too much, however my cholesterol profile, blood pressure, fasting blood glucose and blood lipids are all normal or exceptional. Why? I make an effort to eat a healthy diet and exercise. So my simple sugars may account for 25% of my calories, but they're primarily coming from whole fruits. When you have some free time, google "vitamin c lowers cholesterol."

In closing nature has created the perfect substitute for your sugar and salt laden drinks...sugar laden fruits. Time for me to cut up some watermelon...can I have my $1,000,000 now?

Jul 5, 2010
by Anonymous

It makes a lot of sense that

It makes a lot of sense that high fructose causes hypertension; your metabolism is optimized for glucose, and processes fructose much more slowly. I want to say at something like 1/6 the rate of glucose metabolism, but I'm not sure what the exact number is offhand. So if you consume a lot of fructose in a short timeframe, it sits dissolved in your blood for a lot longer before cells get around to taking it up -- which, like any solute, leads to water retention and an increase in blood pressure.

Fructose is also what makes fruit sweet, so if you go to "natural sugars" you won't avoid it. But it's not that simple sugars are inherently bad for you, in any event -- just that too much of anything is, as usual, not good. And most processed foods are guilty of "too much".

Jul 5, 2010
by Anonymous


Everything in moderation. It's worth noting that fruit contains fiber, water, vitamins and basically lots of good stuff. Processed foods contain salts, chemicals to preserve the food, chemicals to make it taste good, chemicals to give it the proper texture and finally chemicals to make it the proper color. If you like that sort of thing I suppose you could soak your produce in Draino before eating it.

Anyone who looks at a candy bar and an orange and sees the same thing needs help. Everything in moderation.

Jul 6, 2010
by T. Goodman (not verified)

Thanks for the comment

First of all, it's nice that you've been able to keep your blood pressure
low with 25 percent of your diet coming from natural fructose. I thought
it was clear in the article, however, that I was suggesting a better
substitute for man-made fructose (as in high fructose corn syrup) and
man-made processed sugars, like those used in baking, candy making, and
other prepared foods -- the goodies that many of us have a 'hankering for'

Secondly, while fruit may be high in vitamins and other nutrients that our
bodies need to stay healthy, there are some fruits that have more natural
fructose than others. Our bodies, unfortunately, react to high fructose
fruits, like peaches and oranges for example, just like they do to any
sugar, because they take longer to metabolize than let's say, berries,
which are relatively low on the glycemic index. (Check out which fruits
are low on the glycemic index here.) Also see: Fountain Of Youth Or Death
By Sweets? Another Study Reveals Sugar Kills

One more point: research is not extracted from the experience of one
person, but from the responses of a groups of persons large enough to make
an experimental generalization about certain effects on other persons.
There were 4,500 persons in the above study.


T. Goodman
Bio-Inspired Innovations

Jul 6, 2010
by Anonymous

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Jul 8, 2010
by Anonymous

From a stockholder

Hope others start to buy into the hype soon - your stock is worthless at this point (19 cents?). I bought 200 shares last October at $2.37. You may want to think about defecting to Russia soon.

Jul 8, 2010
by Anonymous

From a stockholder

Should have clarified - from an NXT Nutritionals stockholder.