Facebook Announces Redesigned News Feed

Facebook's redesigned news feedFacebook's redesigned news feed

Facebook today had their highly hyped presentation showing what the news feed is going to look like soon for all one billion users of the social networking site. While a site redesign might not be news for many people, the fact remains that Facebook is the most popular social media in the world, and this new design might change the way you interact with Facebook, something that might be needed for the company to stay relevant.

There are many new changes that will be implemented in this new design. First, the whole news feed itself will be looking very different than how it does now. Instead, the company is going for a unified design which will look the same on the desktop and mobile platforms. Pictures will be shown in a very big way, and there will be less extra items on the sides, cleaning up the interface by a lot.

The news feed will also offer the ability for users to decide what they want to see, from all friend posts, followers, music, etc. Content will be prioritized in a different way, where items that many people share showing up on top. This design follows a clear trend that has become popular in the industry and was first pioneered by Google, focusing on a simple interface, big buttons, a clean UI and without too much stuff crowding the page.