Facebooks’ ‘Mentions Box’ Introduces ‘Video Selfies’ For Celebs At Emmys

Ever since Ellen Degeneres’ creative ‘selfie’ bit was introduced at the last Academy Awards ceremony, the bar has been raised for future hosts’ to use social media in more intricate and creative ways. Mark Zuckerberg and his cadre of coders at Facebook think they have just the thing to go Degeneres one better, when they debut their “Mentions Box” for celebrities during the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony on August 25.

They're on Candid Camera. . .

In collaboration with Access Hollywood, Facebook thinks their latest marketing initiative is going to be a sure winner. As a new wrinkle to the old “Candid Camera” gambit, this time celebrities are in the driver’s seat as they film themselves for all of Facebook's 1.2 Billion users to see.

Going where no Social Network has gone before. . .

While Twitter has been drawing a lot of celebrity attention with their live-tweeting sessions and Instagram delivered a Q&A feature at the Golden Globes in January, Facebook’ entree into this space is a bit more interactive.

They’ve combined some new hardware technology with a unique twist on laying down a status update. A tablet, designed by iStrategy Labs - a digital start-up based in Washington, DC - will connect celebrities with their fans in real-time, as each one will receive one at the ceremony event.

Then, as fans go to Access Hollywood's Facebook page and ask questions of the stars, celebrities will in turn be able to shake the tablet (similar to a Magic 8-Ball) and respond using the device’s built-in video camera to transmit their very own “video selfie.”

“Cat is out of bag!”

According to iStrategy Labs founder and CEO, Peter Corbett noted on his Facebook page, “The cat is out of the bag on our latest invention!”

“We’ve been working with Facebook’s public content team on creative solutions for bridging the gap between fan and celebrity. . . after many discussions, brainstorms, and rapid prototyping efforts for how to best represent the Facebook platform in physical space, we landed on something between a Magic 8Ball in function and an Etch-A-Sketch in form,” added Corbett.

Red Carpet or Audience?

As of this posting, there’s still a question whether or not the celebs will be equipped with the tablet on the Red Carpet or when seated in the audience, or both. In either event, if you’ve got a burning question you’d like a TV star to answer, here is your chance to receive a video selfie that will provide you with a very personalized response in real-time. So dust off that tux and ball gown - you no longer have to sit in the balcony to get up close and personal with your favorite celebs this go-around!