Faceless, Dial-less Wristwatch Leaps From Concept to Counter

Remember that cool, futuristic, faceless wristwatch we profiled here back in November of 2008? It seems the future was closer than we thought, as in just 3 years Hiranao Tsuboi's one-off design has made the leap from award-winning concept to off-the-shelf, 10-buck apiece retail goodness.

Well, “goodness” is a relative term and one mustn't expect the world from a ten dollar watch but still... kudos to Chinavasion for spying an appealing concept, making it workable, and making it available for sale at a VERY low price.

A total of seven different "Japanese Style Inspired" watches have been created expressing Tsuboi's faceless, dial-less, hand-less design: Iron Samurai (whose images we're featuring), Ice Samurai, Dark Samurai, Gold Samurai, Bronze Samurai, Iron Samurai Shiro, and Iron Geisha. All work by camouflaging the LEDs that form the digits beneath a cover designed to emulate the metal links of the watchband.

As these are chea, er, inexpensive watches, some corners had to be cut.

For example, the faceless look is most apparent when the watches are viewed from above – profile views expose the thick body of the case and dash the illusion. In addition, these watches are not waterproof and come with a 12-month warranty.

Indeed, Chinavasion promotes these watches not so much by extolling their Japanese-inspired design but by stressing that “similar LED watches sell on the Internet for over 10x the Chinavasion price.” Undoubtedly... and for the price of one of those “similar” watches, one can purchase all seven different Chinavasion timepieces and have money left over. Just sayin'.

What else do you need to know? Let's see... Batteries (2 x CR2032) are included and wristbands are adjustable. Chinavision pledges to process and ship your order within 24-hours and they will ship to customers anywhere in the world. Last but not least, they offer volume discounts beginning at 15 watches graduating up to 500. Now THAT's having a lot of time on your hands!

Update: You can find these for cheap in the U.S. right here for less than $10 with this link.

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