Facesaerch: More A Book of Faces Than Facebook

When profiling a certain celebrity, there always comes a point where you wind up looking for that perfect picture to accompany your article.  Its easy enough to use Google to search for images, but more often than not you wind up getting images that are unrelated to the search you're on.  With Facesaerch you can find pictures of whoever it is you're looking for, and pretty much block out the unrelated stuff.

The site has a cool graphical interface that lets you scroll through the image results using your mouse wheel.  If you don't have one of those high-tech wheel thingies, you can switch to a digital wheel to browse the pictures.  Facesaerch filters out pictures that don't have a face featured pretty much towards the center of the picture to leave you with a bunch of great profile pics to use.

The site isn't without its flaws.  I recommended that people use this tool when searching for a celebrity mainly because if you search for a relatively unknown person, you're bound to get a bunch of faces that have nothing to do with the person you're looking for.  I searched for myself, and found only one pic of myself which is not too flattering.

The site in its current form is definitely a good tool for bloggers, though.  If you're looking for images to link to, Facesaerch makes it easy to find good quality images to use.  There's some limited features too, like turning Safe Search on or off, visualizing RSS feeds (GREAT for Flickr), and creating embeddable widgets of search results.  With a few more advanced search options, Facesaerch should become much more useful.