Vote Fact or Fake? Genetically Engineered Glowing Fish

       Aquariums are a popular decoration in many homes, of both the fresh and saltwater variety. The type of fish one can keeps in an aquarium is determined largely by the amount of time the owner is willing to spend maintaining the aquarium. Unfortunately, while saltwater fish are the most beautiful and exotic, they are also notoriously difficult to keep, and as such the majority of decorative aquariums end up being freshwater.

Goldfish are by far the most well known and wide-spread of freshwater fish, being both cheap and easy to keep. The downside to them, however, is that they are rather common in appearance. A company called GloFish seeking to remedy this problem has introduced fluorescent goldfish.

 According to their website: "Seeing is believing with GloFish®.  They are absolutely stunning!  GloFish fluorescent fish are beautiful, hardy fish, perfect for both hobbyists and beginners.  Available in three striking colors—Starfire Red™, Electric Green™, and Sunburst Orange™—GloFish are available at retail locations near you."

 The goldfish are made to be fluorescent through genetic modification, which also according to the company also makes the fish more hardy then their non-modified counterparts.

 If you are interested in buying some for your aquarium, they can be found here.

Source: GloFish

Mar 28, 2009
by Anonymous

totally real

you know that in the deep sea alot of fish glow!?!?!? i cant remember what fish it is but japan gets them every year... i actually think its a shrimp but they glow and light up and stuff! pretty neat!

Apr 13, 2009
by Anonymous

sure they're real, but

they aren't goldfish. They are genetically modified zebra danio. Just sayin.'