Vote Fact or Fake? Variable Friction Grip Gloves

Recent advances in science and the invention of new artificial materials with unusual properties has given rise to a plethora of new inventions. In particular, a new material called RQS3 shows great potential for use in future products.

RQS3, which stands for Rheopectic Quasi-Solid 3, is a new artificial material currently being produced by Atlom Industries. Under normal circumstances, it has properties akin to a soft, solid gel, being very flexible and malleable without permanent distortion. However, if it is subject to high pressure, temperature or friction, it instantly becomes a durable, rigid solid with an extremely high surface friction.

Atlom Industries has announced that they will soon be releasing a set of gloves with pads made of RQS3, and that they will be available for purchase in the fall of this year. These gloves were created as a way to demonstrate the unique properties of RQS3, and subsequently the actual commercial success of the gloves is not very important to the company.

The gloves themselves are fairly standard, save for the pads of RQS3. The pads are very soft to the touch, and in no way interfere with the wearer’s hand movements. When under duress however, the pads solidify and provide an incredible grip, far superior to what normal gloves can offer. Be it for climbing a tree or carrying a heavy, yet slippery item, these gloves are unrivaled in the grip they offer; best of all when grip is not needed the gloves revert back to their soft, smooth and flexible nature.

However, if you’re looking to buy a pair, remember that due to the product being released for demonstratory rather than commercial reasons and the innovative materials used in them, the gloves will be rather expensive.

Answer:  Fake or Fiction