Vote Fact or Fake? Vivid Rainbow Colored Flowers

Flowers have always been very attractive decorations for any event or occasion. Be it a date, a wedding or simply to put in your living, people have sought the most beautiful flowers to display. Unfortunately, the most beautiful flowers are often the most expensive and hard to find, and if you plan on keeping one of those flowers for a while caring for exotic beautiful flowers is seldom easy.

Don't you ever just wish that the common easy to care for and affordable flowers were beautiful and had vivid coloring? That's were Vivid Illusions comes in. Basically a specially modified type of natural food dye designed to be especially effective in colorizing flowers, Vivid Illusions comes in a wide variety of hues and promises to be able to radically alter and enhance the color of any flower it's fed to.

Orchid 1Orchid 1

The same plant, but this time dyed with a darker blue.

Orchid 2Orchid 2

The flowers shown in these demonstratory photos are orchids, which are notorious both for their beauty and difficulty in upkeep, so naturally they will look good even sans extra coloring. The creators promise that the effect will be even more striking on the more common household flowers.

Whether your interested in creating an exotic bouquet for a special occasion or just spicing up the arrangement in your living room, Vivid Illusions is definitely worth looking into.

Answer: Fact or Fake?

Mar 13, 2009
by Anonymous

Bad idea.

Just because it's possible doesn't make it right. So true of many things now. Stop fooling with Mother Nature.

Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous


meh the idea is fine. its not like you are eating the flowers or trying to make them come to life and be scary monster flowers....oooOOOoooOOOoooo lol they have been using this "miracle grow dye" on plants for ages. they have TONS of this stuff to dye marijuanna plants so that they look like a higher strain of plant then they really are. every shade from pink to bright green. its not that uncommon so i say its real. but besides that mother nature dosent give a shit. ur not going to wake up one night being eaten by the roses that you are trying to turn pink and black. lol
i say its pretty sweet that they can do this.