FAIL Stickers Help You Label Your Life

If you're a true fan of internet culture than there have most certainly been times in your life where you have seen something stupid and thought, "man, that needs to be online." Perhaps you're even a huge fan of websites like FailBlog.Org where users point out life's little mistakes on a daily basis. If this sounds like you, you need to get real -with real life captions that is.

These FAIL stickers will help you caption life without having to take a photo and upload it to the internet. Now when you see funny, unintentional inuendos on office building signs you can call them out the world. When someone is catastrophically injured in a freak accident, you can help their friends and family see the humor in the incident. Or, you can always save them as yet another trick to play on the passed out guy at your house party.

Bonus, at just $24.99 for a 50 pack, these prices are sure not a FAIL.

Whatever you use these stickers for, I'm sure you'll have a FAILtastic good time at knocking life's daily miseries. 

(Update: Amazon also has a fun FAIL sticker here.)

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Mar 24, 2009
by J. Barker
J. Barker's picture


I need about 8 dozen of these for every attempt I've made at actually succeeding...