Failed Spy Drops Gun On Runway: Another Career Ruined? (video)

Anna Chapman as Russian spy in New York: image via wired.comAnna Chapman as Russian spy in New York: image via Anna Kushchyenko, better known to Americans as Anna Chapman, the failed Russian spy, moved on to pretending to be a spy while she flashed her own fashion designs on the runway in Moscow.  Problem?  Well, she dropped her gun.... Yup.  Right on the runway.

Not her first foray into business since she left the U.S. in July 2010. She has kept busy -appearing in Playboy, Maxim, on Russian TV hosting Secrets of the World, joining the Young Guard of United Russia, being an adviser to a western bank, and even trying to design uniforms for Russian astronauts.

Anna Chapman has also trademarked her name for use on her own cosmetics, watches, beer, vodka, and juices, according to a Russian newspaper.  And, of course, there is her own line of clothing, modelled by none other than herself at Moscow Fashion Week on April 5, 2011.

It was her debut, in fact, on the runway... where she dropped her gun.  



What can I say?  After the gun dropped, it only got worse. Yikes! What's next?

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