Fair Share Cake Plates: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

What is the Fair Share Cake Plate?



It has been suggested down throughout history that Queen Marie Antoinette never uttered the words that she has become so famous for: “Let them eat cake.” Be that as it may, the process of eating cake is not only as delectable today as it was in her day, it can be just as unfair as her execution was. With the Fair Share Cake Plate no one will ever lose their head (or other body parts) over that last slice of cake or argue over who should get it.

How can the Fair Share Cake Plate enhance your life?

According to its creators, the power of the Fair Share Cake Plate lies in the realm of the psychological. To be exact, “the concept of measurement is explored in a way that creates a connection between the person and the object.” Now absurdity in perhaps its most unexpected form can be yours for the mere cost of this Fair Share Cake Plate, (which is $43.50 U.S. dollars, by the way). Cutting a slice of dessert down to the millimeter renders a vicarious satisfaction that may need further study. (How about another slice while waiting for results? Experimentation makes even the most dedicated researchers hungry.)

Is the Fair Share Cake Plate for you?

I can’t say, but do me a favor and have me over for dessert before you decide to buy one of these things!

Let everyone eat cake!