Fair Trade Soccer Balls Send Messages of Peace, Individuality and Environmental Awareness

Fair Trade isn't just for coffee, bananas or cocoa anymore. "Message Futbal" from Idea Root helps support independent living in rural Asia while raising awareness of societal issues back in Japan where the colorful soccer balls are sold.


The 4 different polyurethane and PVC synthetic leather balls are hand made, one at a time, in Pakistan. One of the balls, "I'm Only One" features hexagons on bright, contrasting colors that signify each person's value and potential as a human being.

The other three balls display the graphic image of a globe, with the blue & white ball titled "Save The Earth" and both the beige & brown and yellow & green balls called "No More War". Though the balls are not yet certified for use in the professional JFA (Japan Football Association), they are made to a standard size and weight suitable for use anywhere regular soccer balls are used.

Each ball costs 5,250 yen (about $55) including tax and comes in an Idea Root eco-bag which can be used for shopping and other purposes instead of wasteful plastic bags. The eco-bag is sourced by NPO Japan SERUPUSENTA, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating child labor.

Fair Trade soccer balls can be ordered online from the Idea Root website as well as from Japan's most popular internet retailer, Rakuten. (via Idea Frames)

May 31, 2009
by Anonymous

More beautiful soccer ball designs :: now eco-certified

We have several more soccer ball designs shown on our blog at www.fairtradesports.com which are both Fair Trade Certified and eco-certified. Stop by for a visit!

- Scott James
Founder, Fair Trade Sports
Seattle, WA USA