The Fake Death of Johnny Depp Died A Quick Death

At 7:11AM ET, we sadly have to report that the reported Fake Death of Johnny Depp died. It was a sad passing, having lived on the Internet for just about  ten minutes, not even receiving it's 15 minutes of fame.

The death of the Fake Death was a shocker when people realized that the Fake CNN report they were reviewing was dated March 25, 2004. However this did not stop the millions of us in the Twitterverse to continue tweeting "RIP Johnny Depp." We just couldn't believe that the Fake Death was dying right before our very eyes.

Fake CNN ReportFake CNN Report

It's a hard realization when something you have known for that long, should just slip through your fingers without any chance for resuscitation. For all those that are still reeling from this loss, you can take comfort in the fact that while this Fake Death was quick, it was painless. So in it's honor, let's continue to trend this topic until the next Fake Death occurs.  At least it will give us a glimmer of hope that Fake Deaths are something we can still believe in.

Jun 9, 2011
by Anonymous

stop posting this rubbish =]

stop posting this rubbish =]