Fake Moustache Trend Applied To Winter Woolly Gloves

The fake moustache trend was fun while it lasted, but I think we might have finally seen enough. That's not, however, to say, that people still aren't coming up with new ways to incorporate a fake moustache into their wardrobe, and this novelty fashion item is ready for winter.

Fake Moustache FashionFake Moustache Fashion

These fake moustache gloves will keep you warm this winter, but they don't just offer protection to your hands from the elements outside, they also deliver warmth to that naked spot above your lips, of course.  An added feature in these moustache gloves, which are great for the indecisive, is that they give wearers two different moustaches to choose from, just in case they can't decide on the right look for any specific occasion.

Moustache GlovesMoustache Gloves

What do you think of the moustache fashion trend? Is enough, enough yet, or are you still happy to see more creative products that incorporate the fake moustache?

Via: Gearfuse