Vote Fact or Fake? Awaken To Cockroaches

Most people have a love-hate relationship with both bugs and waking up on time, with the hate side severely outweighing the love side. Well one company hopes to combine the two in an unusual manner, producing something that will hopefully inspire more love in their customers than hate. Meet the Roach Alert, an alarm clock in the shape of the household pest it’s named after.

Roach AlertRoach Alert

If the sleeper doesn’t turn off the alarm during the set snooze period, it will start to crawl around the room making an increasingly louder noise forcing its sleepy owner to get out of bed and capture it in order to shut it off. While the pesky alarm clock might seem nothing short of annoying, it is certainly quite effective in forcing even the most reluctant out of bed.

The solar panels provide enough energy to significantly extend its battery life, but the downside is an increase in price. No need to worry if you don’t live in a place with lots of sunny days, as according to the description on Vollitek’s site, even infrequent exposure to the sun is enough to charge up the battery to keep it running for a long time.

Not very innovative in that all the technical details have been done before and probably better, the unusual exterior makes it an uncertain investment for the company. While a little too pricey to be a cheap gag gift, it might be worth the money if you or the recipient are tired of the mundane alarm clocks or have a peculiar sense of humor. It can be found here in all its reddish brown glory.

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