Vote Fact or Fake? Sleep for Charity

Ever been late to an appointment or date because you kept hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock and ended up sleeping in? Wish that you had an added incentive to get up? Well now there is a way to make snoozing become very costly with this clock.

SnūzNLūz is a devilish alarm clock that donates your hard earned cash to charity very time you fall to temptation and hit the snooze button. Every press of the button, leads to a few extra minutes of sleep and increased funds for a pre-selected non-profit.

According to the creators, the device features WiFi and is fairly easy to configure using the built-in web browser. Once it’s setup, all transfers from your bank account are automatic and for a pre-determined amount.

If donating to your favorite organizations doesn't seem as a big enough incentive to get out of bed on time, then you could take the maker’s suggestion and try donating to one that you hate. This way not only do you lose money, but companies you hate gain more funds to further an agenda you oppose. Now, that is a quite strong reason to keep from sleeping in a few more minutes.

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