Fall Office Fashions: Eco-Friendly Designs By Feral Childe

Office wear doesn't need to be boring, most companies are embracing contemporary trends that are still conservative enough for the workplace. Well, that is unless you're my former employer who believed in the man’s style blazers andpantyhose in the non-air conditioned office in summer; completely limiting by ability of introducing anything alternative into the office. Designer certainly doesn’t follow the same beliefs, since not only have they introduced a new line of office appropriate wear that’s verging on contemporary, it’s also eco-friendly.

Feral Childe Sustainable Office WearFeral Childe Sustainable Office Wear

The Yosemite line of clothing, tries to combine some elements of the outdoors with an urban-chic style, and has a number of pieces that are perfect for updating your fall office wardrobe. The designers of this line source local and sustainable fabrics, ensuring that their corporate wear is sustainable and organic. 75% of the materials used to design their clothing line uses organic cottons and hemps, while the other 25% uses mill-end overstock fabric.

The sustainable clothing  line might have some classic elements, but it's also contemporary and unique; sometimes verging on artistic since  everything is hand dyed, hand painted and hand screened, so no two garments are ever exactly identical, and office workers can avoid that uncomfortable situation around the water cooler when they realize they’ve been caught wearing the same boring office garb as their co-worker.

Feral Childe’s line of eco-friendly office appropriate clothing proves, once again, that sustainable fashion hasn’t all gone to the hippies!

Via: Izzit Green