FanBuzz Visualizer & Grammy Awards Track Real-Time Popularity Of Lady Gaga & Others

On January 31, 2010, as a first-of-its-kind interactive fan experience, the 52nd Annual Grammy Award Show will rank the popularity of  nominated artists.  This will result from an aggregation of real-time feeds from YouTube, Twitter and Flickr that stream in from fans online.

The FanBuzz Visualizer is a social media tool that takes all of this onine data and converts it into what they're calling a "barometer of fandom." The Grammy Awards, often criticized as being out of touch and 'old school' is waking up to the 21st Century by incorporating social media and digital algorithms into the make-up of this year's award ceremony.

Powered by Visible Technologies, the FanBuzz Visualizer combs the Internet using bots that will surface conversations, comments, photos, tweets, status updates and any other chatter that mentions the featured Grammy-nominated artists. The resulting calculations based off of this buzz determines which artists are resonating the most with their fans.

The FanBuzz Visualizer truly represents the authentic voice of music fans and is sharable as a widget, allowing fans the ability to showcase the current standings on their personal social media pages. The widget may be downloaded at

TruCAST is Visible Technologies' proprietary discovery, collection, processing, analysis and engagement architecture that powers the FanBuzz Visualizer. In the lead-up to the Grammys, it has tracked  20 artists capturing over 675,000 posts from social media sites since January 11, representing 324,000 fans across over 13,000 domains.

The following indicates the results that are the fan's favorites (as of January 25, 2009), not necessarily the actually voting that will determine the winners at the ceremony on January 31:

  • 86 percent of the social media conversation is occurring on Twitter.
  • Lady Gaga has the highest volume of conversation amongst the GRAMMY -nominated artists. As of today, nearly 146,000 posts, or approximately 20 percent of the total social media comments, are about the leading performer.
  • Jay-Z and Beyoncé are running a close race for the second most vocal fan base among the artists being tracked, with each having more than 92,000 comments online made by fans.

    Results as of January 26, 2009Results as of January 26, 2009

"For the first time, direct interaction between fans and celebrities can be an integral part of the GRAMMY Awards, showcasing that social media is now a mainstay of the entertainment business," explains Blake Cahill, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Visible Technologies.

Cahill talks about Visible Technologies at the Womma Summit 2009 in Las Vegas this past December. He explains why the Word of Mouth Marketing Association is the best place to learn about today's best practices in social media.

In regards to the FanBuzz Visualizer, Cahill notes, "The implications of this are huge and connecting with your fan base — whether you're marketing a music performer or a consumer brand — is no longer just about concerts, press tours or even listening on Twitter. More than ever before, it's about engaging directly with your audience to raise visibility and create opportunities for meaningful, direct interaction."

It will be interesting to see if the results of this social graph experiment will coincide with the actual Grammy Award winners. This is the first time, the viewing audience will be able to see if the Bush vs GoreBush vs Gorechoice of the people is in sync with the venerable institution of the Grammy's. Sort of like when the "popular vote" for a president of the US is different from the Electoral College, or when Al Gore got beat by George Bush. Hmmm...they're were a lot of unhappy people back then...might be an angry mob brewing if Lady Gaga doesn't walk away with her award on Sunday!  See you on the Red Carpet!

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Jan 26, 2010
by Anonymous


we all love us some GAGA!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 26, 2010
by Anonymous

hell yes!

gaga you've got it!!!

sleeper sleeper WIN!