Fanny Pack Of The 80’s Reinvented In 2009 With CapSack

Fortunately, fanny packs (except for sport purposes), especially in neon colors went out in the 80's; but now there's a new form of hands free pouch that's trying to bring back that old 80's style in a very new way. It's bold, it's convenient, and it's a pouch that doesn't go around your waist!

It's the Capsac, and instead of holding your stuff around your waist, you can wear it on your head. And just incase you're still feeling nostalgic about those old 80s colors that came and went with the fanny pack; they're primarily available in neons.

Unlike the fanny pack, the Capsack serves more than one fundamental purpose; it'll hold your stuff and keep your head protected from the sun too; although, you might want to pack lightly, or you'll have an entirely different issue to contend with!

Jul 12, 2009
by Anonymous

Fanny pack hat

So now you lose your hat and your valuables in a strong wind.

Jul 13, 2009
by Anonymous


people still wear fannypacks, I have one in neon colours but it's broken and I cant fix it, cant afford a new one and cant afford to fix it otherwise I would still use it. For some fannypacks are very useful.