FanTunes Speaker System: Combination Of Replica Helmets And High Quality Sound

FanTunes Helmet Speaker SystemFanTunes Helmet Speaker System

If you're a loyal fan to a football team, then odds are you have your team's memorabilia around your home. FanTunes Helmet Speaker System could be a great addition to your collection and an added bit of character to your man-cave or office.

The FanTunes Speaker System appears to be a regulation helmet at first glance. It's a nice visual compliment to any room where you want to display your loyalty to your favorite football team. However, this replica helmet also plays music.

FanTunes In The OfficeFanTunes In The Office

This Helmet Speaker System is driven by Bluetooth technology. You control the speaker with your smartphone, tablet or other device. FanTunes can also be connected, via cables to devices without Bluetooth technology. 

FanTunes operates on a battery that lasts up to 12 hours. This makes the speaker system portable, so you can have it outside at your cookout or take it with you on a tailgating adventure. The FanTunes' battery is also rechargeable (via any standard outlet or car charger).

FanTunes SpeakersFanTunes Speakers

The FanTunes system employs two tweeters and two sub woofers for excellent, high-quality sound. The helmet casing also ensures that the tweeters and sub woofers don't get damaged in the event of an unfortunate tailgating mishap (like maybe beer pong gets out of hand, or there's more rough housing in the parking lot than in the actual game). 

As of now, you can only get the FanTunes Helmet Speaker System in six team designs (Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Oregon, Miami and Michigan State). This system is brand new to the market, and has plans to expand its team options. Actually, you can only pre-order the FanTunes system right now (they won't be ready for delivery until the Fall of this year), however you can check out the AudioIcons site for more information on this speaker system.