Good & Greasy Fare At State And County Fairs

If it's fat, you'll find it being served at state and county fairs this summer.  As a nation we're trying so hard to get leaner and greener, but the demand for the big fat greasy still burns in our fat-famished American souls.

Here are some visions from the Minnesota State Fair which has named 2009 the year of the potato.  Potatoes are not fatty foods in themselves; the potato is a decent, if not exceptional, choice as a complex carbohydrate.  But we Americans love our potatoes fried, and the more grease, the crispier and more delicious those potatoes become... so satisfying, especially with a giant dog or kielbasa and a Coke or beer.

But I digress...  Here's a beaut featured at the year of the potato's festival:  the Texas Tater Dog, a spiral cut potato wrapped around a German sausage, battered, and fried... together.


Image Courtesy to Pioneer Press: Texas Steak OutImage Courtesy to Pioneer Press: Texas Steak Out


And then there's the Fry Dog.  Apparently, the fry dog is of Korean descent, created after the Korean war when the American servicemen left behind tons of hot dogs and cans of Spam.  I hesitate to inquire about the spam, but they did some delicious justice to the dogs. The hot dog is spattered with a corn/onion ring batter, then rolled in French fries and dropped in grease.  After that, it's totally up to you to finish it and/or yourself off with cheese sauce, ketchup, ranch or chipotle sauces.


Image Courtesy to Pioneer Press: Blue Moon Dine-In TheaterImage Courtesy to Pioneer Press: Blue Moon Dine-In Theater


The Blue Moon Dine-In Theater's chef Stephanie Olson brought the fry dog wonder to the not-so-innocent Minnesotans this summer... but she also managed to sneak in a peanut butter infused hot dog. (shhh!)

And for the potato purist, there's the Tornado Potato, a South African creation picked up on the Internet by Tina Isaac of Sunny's Spiral Potatoes.


Image Courtesy to Pioneer Press: SunnyÕs Spiral PotatoesImage Courtesy to Pioneer Press: SunnyÕs Spiral Potatoes


Can you imagine what was served last year at the Minnesota State Fair?  That was the year of the bacon!


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