The Farm Scene Wooden Book – Go Ahead and Chew on This!

Parents know that many infants and toddlers love to chew on, well, just about anything! If you happen to have a toddler that loves to nibble, The Farm Scene Wooden Book may be just the ticket!

Farm Scene Wooden BookFarm Scene Wooden Book

This little book is not only attractive, it is practically chew-proof. In fact, this durable and sturdy book from Selecta Spielzeug, can take one heckuva beating! Made from all-natural wood, the book is nearly indestructible! Unlike conventional paper or cardboard books, this little wooden book has a non-toxic clear sealant that resists chips, scratches, drool and chew marks.

 Farm Scene Wooden BookFarm Scene Wooden Book

The Farm Scene Wooden Picture Book is an adorable book that contains eight colorful pictures on four pages. Made in Germany, the book measures about 4 x 4 inches and weighs about 7 ounces. The "little wooden book that could", is recommended for children 12 months and up and retails for just under $15.

Source and Photos:  Amazon


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