Fashion Accessory For The Ninja In You: The Samurai Sword Umbrella

Sometimes the most frivolous and ridiculous fashion items are the ones that bring us the most joy. For the ninja in you, there's the samurai sword umbrella; based on ancient traditions, this strange fashion accessory will fight off threatening raindrops and let you live out your ninja fantasies.

According to ThinkGeek, the ancient Samurai were masters of deception that not only disguised their samurai swords as canes; they also disguised their umbrellas as swords, presumably to keep their enemies off their mark. Ok, so they may have made that part up, along with this cute little Haiku.

Fight the Rain

The rain falls softly.
The samurai draws his sword.
Look, an umbrella.

Ancient myth or fabrication, you can make the samurai sword umbrella a reality and oppose the rain with the samurai sword even if the real ninjas didn't. The fun fashion accessory boasts a samurai sword design on its handle. The umbrella can be worn on your hip just like a ninja sword so it can be drawn at the first threat of rain. It's a sturdy golf sized umbrella that opens with the click of a button ready to fight off the enemies, err..elements.

For 29.99 you can get your very own samurai umbrella sword and start your own ninja myths. How's that for a funky fashion accessory? (Buy here.)