Fashion Advice For Men Got You Tangled In Knots? Learn To Tie A Tie With is a website startup by a group of young teenagers who understand what it means to be mortified when you have no idea how to get the perfect knot (or any at all) into your necktie before a major fashion event. Not only does this fun fashion website help men overcome their shortfalls with neckties, it teaches them that being fashionable isn't just for the fairer sex after all. teaches men how to tie their neckties using step-by-step diagrams, and for those willing to take a fashionable risk, there are also instructions on how to tie a tie in less typical ways using the Windsor knot, the 4-in-hand knot, and the Kelvin knot.

Since many men are considered fashion-impaired, takes this into account with their "everything you need to know about ties" section. This fashion guide for men goes beyond instructions on how to tie a tie; it also discusses wedding dress, caring for ties, necktie accessories and guidelines for buying a tie.

2TieATie is the ideal fashion resource for fashion-impaired men all over the world, and it starts with the most basic fashion element; accessories! By visiting you're also supporting the entrepreneurial pursuits of teenage brothers who are using all profits to fund their future college educations and business enterprises.