Fashion And Comfort Align With The Pajama Jean

For those of us who work at home, pajamas, sweats, yoga pants and anything comfortable tend to be the daily uniform. The only problem with the comfortable attire is that it's not always appropriate to wear out of the house, at least not according to rules of fashion. Now, there's a great solution for comfort and style.

No it's not a joke; someone really did create the Pajama Jean. It's the comfort of pajamas with the look of jeans, just not the feel. Sleep in them, do your grocery shopping, take your dogs for a walk and remain comfortable. You might get the physical comfort when you walk of the house in your grumpy Carebear pajamas, but your emotional well-being might not feel the same way.

The Pajama Jeans give you the best of both worlds, and no one will ever know your dirty little secret because you'll keep on looking good without ever having to really get dressed!

Via: Dlisted