Fashion Forward or Fashion Freaky? Top 10 Geeky Shoes!

Who said shoes have to be for the fashionable alone? These shoes may defy all the fashion rules you've come to know and love, but your inner geek will love them for their unique features!

Geeky Shoe 10. The Adidas Smart Shoe

Adidas Smart ShoeAdidas Smart Shoe

The Adidas Smart Shoe automatically senses movements within the shoe to adjust the fit to be most comfortable for the activitity. While cross-training shoes are available on the market, which ideally should provide a comfortable fit during all physical activities, the Adidas Smart Shoe adjusts based on specific movements and physical requirements of the wearers foot. Ideal for any situation, the Adidas Smart Shoe is a winner for the physically active and geeky-chic alike.

Geeky Shoe 9. iPod Shoe Kit by Nike

Nike iPod ShoeNike iPod Shoe

The Nike iPod and Sport Kit comes with a miniature pedometer to fit into the shoe, as well as a small adapter piece to fit onto your iPod so that the pedometer data collected transmits to your media player. With the adapter in place during a run or walk, your iPod will display the number of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned so your iPod becomes a useful exercise tool as well as entertainment! You can find this at Amazon.

Geeky Shoe 8. X-Box Remote Control Sneaker


The X-Box Remote Control Sneaker may or may not be a working wearable gadget, but its design is a dream for video game geeks everywhere! With the soles of the X-Box shoes resembling video game controllers, video gamers are always prepared to bust out their controllers to play their favorite games.

Geeky Shoe 7. Aphrodite Concept Sandals

Aphrodite ShoeAphrodite Shoe

Created by the Aphrodite Project, the Aphrodite Concept Platform Sandals are designed to provide safety and security to sex trade workers. These high-tech platform shoes offer some element of fashion, but more importantly come equipped with an LCD screen, speakers, WiFi, GPS tracking, and emergency calling capabilities.

Geeky Shoe 6. Star Wars Storm Trooper Shoe

Star Wars ShoeStar Wars Shoe

The Star Wars Storm Trooper Shoe is ideal for the geeky fashionista. The sleek, narrow design includes a small wedge style heel and its modern design isn't far from something we're used to seeing on a contemporary fashion catwalk.

Geeky Shoe 5. Transformers Nike Shoes

Transformer ShoeTransformer Shoe

Transformers (as seen in the popular movies and TV series) act as urban camouflage by transforming into a variety of everyday items that detract from their superhero-like looks and abilities. While unfortunately the Transformer Nike Shoes are not wearable fashions, Transformers do change easily into ½ scale models of the popular sneaker brand.

Geeky Shoe 4. GTX GPS Xplorer Smart Shoes

GPS ShoesGPS Shoes

These GPS enabled shoes allow the owner to track the wearer as SMS text messages are sent from the shoes to the owner's home when the wearer leaves a pre-defined area. These shoes, which follow the Big Brother mentality might be popular with distrusting spouses, or parents with young children who can be tracked if they wander to far from home.

Geeky Shoe 3. Nintendo Entertainment System Shoes

Nintendo ShoesNintendo Shoes

The Nintendo Entertainment System Shoes not only have a cool, geeky vintage vibe, they also play old NES games. These multi-function pieces of footwear are always ready to provide entertainment when needed and offer comfortable fashion for day-to-day use.

Geeky Shoe 2. Keyboard Shoes

Keyboard ShoesKeyboard Shoes

Keyboard shoes may not actually be functional, but sure would complete a geek-friendly outfit for those who are fans of the peripheral pants I wrote about a couple of weeks ago!

Geeky Shoe 1. CD-ROM Shoes


These geeky CD-ROM Shoes can play data CDs or audio CDs on the go! With an integrated CD-ROM, a volume control knob and speakers, it's an updated trend of the 80's which encourages individuals to carry portable, audible boom-box style systems on the go. An outdated concept? Probably. But that only increases this geeky fashion's entrance into geekdom.

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