Fashion For Function: The Totally Wacky Wearable Fart Silencer

This is one wearable item that will go sight unseen (thank goodness), but it's totally hilarious, and will make you feel uncomfortable just to look at it; little less wear it. But do keep on reading, because you can't keep on living if you haven't heard about the wacky, wearable fart silencer.

Fart SilencerFart Silencer

We've seen apparel designed to help alleviate the embarrassment that comes with passing gas in public; devices that filter the two S's: sound and smell. But this wacky wearable fart silencer takes the cake for most hilarious, and most terrifying item that helps keep a private bodily function out of the public eye (or rather, public nose and ears).

The only thing that might be worse than the Ultimate Fart Silencer is the name of the man that invented it. "Big Chicken Mushroom" is the man behind this wearable design that can be inserted discreetly into the anus in order to filter out the unpleasant sounds of flatulence. The device is a plastic tube (somewhat resembling a large tampon applicator) that is open on one end and has small holes on the other. The open end goes right-side-in, so that when gas flows through it comes out the smaller holes to disperse the sound. It's recommended that it's inserted only at the time of upcoming passing gas, but that just doesn't seem realistic, so you'd better be prepared to leave something exactly where it doesn't belong.

For added function, a cotton ball sprayed with perfume or fragrance can also be inserted into the flatulence device; and with use, now if someone ever says "I bet your business doesn't smell like roses", you can prove otherwise.

I've yet to discover where you can get your hands (or another part of your anatomy) on these little beauties, but stay tuned!

Via: Weird Asia News

Sep 18, 2009
by Anonymous


We'll all expect a detailed test report from you guys in the coming days. After all, positive reviews make the product!

Sep 19, 2009
by Anonymous

release 1.1 and 1.2

Why not improve it with a active carbon filter or a catalyzer? Ha Ha Ha