Fashion Gets Fierce: The Fanged Fluffy Polar Bear Parka

Winter is here and fluffy fashion is in, at least in Japan where “moco-moco” (fleecy) clothing is a huge hit with trendsetters this winter. Not only will it keep one warm, moco-moco clothing imparts an almost poodle-like aura to the wearer. In the country of kawaii, looking cute means looking good!

Making a moco-moco move means getting fluffed (in a good way) and Nagoya-based Ito Manufacturing has got you covered... or maybe that should be “coated”. Take their Fluffy Polar Bear Parka for instance.

Sized from Small to Extra-Large, the zippered parka is made from 100% polyester fleece with a 70% cotton pink velvet lining inside the hood and upper shoulders. The coat features front hand-warming pockets and a drawstring hood.

The coat's cuteness quotient is concentrated in the hood which sports rounded ears  along with black eyes and nose to channel your inner, er, outer polar bear. A pair of pointy white felt teeth poking down from the hood's front overhang are a unique feature, said by the sales copy to provoke a “maternal instinct” in onlookers. If you say so, Ito!

The formidable fangs sorta remind one of the terrifying Bumble Snowman (from the long-running Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer annual TV special) before Hermey the misfit Dentist Elf de-fanged him. Last and not least, a round cottontail rabbit style tail protrudes from the lower part of the coat's back, providing a study in contrast with the hood's fearsome teeth.

Ito Manufacturing is offering the Fluffy Polar Bear Parka for 16,800 yen tax-included (around $210) at their website where shoppers can order it online. The website also offers free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen and the coat qualifies by a wide margin.

You might love this Fleecy Polar Bear Parka but take care where you wear it. Any actual polar bears who see you all parka'd up just might fall in love too, and that's one romantic encounter that surely WON'T end well.

UPDATE: We don't have the Bear Parka available in the US, but we do have a totally cool Fierce Bear Coatworth checking out.  

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