10 Top Designer Shoes...For Your Stemware


Often dressed in satin or sheer lingerie, beaded jewelry, even hula skirts, wine bottles have been expressing themselves fashionably for several years now. Carrie and Company, tableware designer, has seen to it that stemware too can keep in step with the times, in fashionable shoes ... yes, for stemware feet.



With a true flair for footwear, Carrie and Company's Drinkwear is ready for summer with its flip flops, sandal platforms, and sports footwear, like tennies and swim finns for stemware. Others might call Drinkwear "traveling coasters." They do follow your drink everywhere it goes, and their foam-built construction nicely absorbs spills; but they are so cleverly and beautifully designed, no doubt their classy style will the target of shoe envy. Cinderella's out there can relax though; even if your feet are only 4.5 inches long, Drinkwear only makes shoes for the right foot.


The Drinkwear line, sold by PerpetualKid.com, makes super gifts for dinner hosts, bridal showers, house-warmings, Mother's Day! Here are 10 of my favorites!



1. Stemware Golf Shoe Coasters and Wine Bottle Golf Bag




The Golf Bag set for a wine bottle and two wine glasses comes in pick and blue foam for $24.99. If you want to add a foursome, you can purchase the Golf Shoe Coasters separately for $17.99 with gift bag.

2. Martini Flip Flops



Cute, cute, cute! Black & White Martini Flip Flop Coasters come four in a set, packaged in a natural fiber gift bag for $19.99.



3. Must-Have Sport Tote With Tennies Coasters



How do you like those wine bottle Sport Totes? And the Tennies Coasters are so in! The Sport Tote Tennies set comes with green or pink Sport Tote and two matching coasters for $24.99. If you're playing doubles, you may want to add a set of Tennies Coasters for $18.99.



4. Carmen Miranda Platform Coasters



These Carmen Miranda Platform Coasters are stunners! Available in set of four, colors shown, for $19.99.



5. Tanked Fish Coasters



Subtle, but no less adorable than the other Drinkwear coasters, these cute fishies look swimming in their marine polka dot colors and fish eyes! The Tanked Fish Coasters are $14.99 and comein a set of four (all colors above) in a gift bag.



6. Snorkeling, Anyone? Flippers Swim Fin Coasters



Hey Flipper! Your strawberry Daiquiri is ready! For $14.99, you can give the Flippers Swim Fin Coasters to your favorite diver for funning after finning.




7. Wine Crush Flip Flop Coasters



White or red? The Wine Crush Flip Flop Coasters help remind you what you're drinking, while they look so abundant and rich at the foot of your wine glass. They are yours for $19.99, four in colors as shown, with a pretty gift bag.



8. Flower Power Platform Coasters




High on flower power, your stemware will get heady just from slipping on the Flower Power Coasters. Adorable and ever in, for $19.99 with gift bag, these coasters rock!




9. Flamingo A Go-Go Flip Flop Coasters




So retro! Flamingo wear for your stemware! You can purchase the Flamingo Flip Flops for $13.99 and they come in a clear plastic gift box.




10. Leopard Print Platform Coasters




For life in the jungle, or what may feel that way, these Leopard Print Platform Coasters are so cool. Every detail of a real shoe is represented, and even the textures look like real wood, metal, leather... so well done. Price is $19.99 for four, and they come with a natural fiber gift bag.



11. Santa and Helper Slipper Coasters


And for those of you who want to buy your Holiday gifts early... there's a sale on some of the slipper coasters and flip flop coasters that trend more towards hot toddys than chilled wine. Above is a preview of some Christmas Slipper Coasters and you can see more here.



Apr 6, 2008
by Anonymous

great. another way to waste

great. another way to waste money. but i like it.

Feb 1, 2009
by Anonymous

not in stock

Dear Toby
when will your "shoes" be available? All the ones I try to order say they are not in stock.