Fashion Meets Art With Urban Camouflage

Blending into your environment isn't just for hunters anymore, and a variety of artists and individuals have proven no matter what's in your environment, you can blend right on in!

In the movie Garden State with Zach Braff, urban camouflage became trendy when the character reticently tried on a shirt which was made to match his parents' bathroom wallpaper. That's a much less extreme example, because while blending patterns-to-patterns aren't overly complicated (though still rather gaudy), it's much more challenging to blend people in with objects in outdoor urban environments, or so I would suspect.

Artist Desiree Palmen in a design and photography project, painted her subjects and their clothing to blend into everything from a seat on a public city bus, park benches and stairways. Artist Aaron Larney even took urban camouflage literally by creating a hoodie that blends right in with graffiti!

Naturally, as fashion on its own, urban camouflage doesn't make much of a statement, but who knows, some of these fashion designs could come in handy when you suddenly feel the need to become invisible and blend right into your urban surroundings!

Via: WebUrbanist

Jun 17, 2009
by Anonymous


Hrmm... I could get the cubicle cloth covering and make clothes out of it, then nobody would know whether I was in my office or not!