Fashion Or Furniture? UK Designer Hussein-Chalayan’s Fashion-Forward Clothing

Twice awarded Designer of the Year, UK native Hussein-Chalayan doesn't have the typical background you'd come to expect of a fashion designer - in fact, he's a tech geek who's translated his knowledge into fashion and that certainly comes across in his unique designs. On exhibit now at the Design Museum in the UK until May 17th, one of Chalayan's exhibits have visitors to the museum asking, is it fashion or is it furniture?

It's probably pretty clear that the innovative designers unique fashion items span both worlds; not only are they fashion, they are furniture too! The idea of Chalayan's "Afterwords" exhibit which features the wearable, portable architecture, is that fashion-forward designs can be found anywhere at anytime. Take the chair covers that are transformed into modern dresses, or the cutting-edge table that also doubles as a skirt.

With Chalayan suddenly finding himself a driving force in futuristic fashions, perhaps one day fashionistas will only have to look as a far as their living rooms to decide what to wear that day.

Via: Design Museum , Trends Updates

Apr 11, 2009
by Anonymous

UK or Turkey

it would be considered as patriotizm but Hüseyin Çağlayan is a Turkis designer.