Fashion Photography is Simple with the Thanko USB Camera Necktie

Ever wanted to be a fashion photographer? Well, forget about it... though you CAN combine photography with fashion thanks to Thanko's new 4GB USB Video Camera Necktie!

Those thoughtful thinkers at Thanko have thought up another use for that otherwise useless male fashion fixture, the necktie... and I say "another" because they've already stuffed a cooling fan into the ol' silk noose to comfort office workers in Japan's notoriously hot and humid summer months. Plus, it's a USB gadget and if the world needs anything right now, it's one more odd USB gadget. Amiright?


Since times are tough and workers may find it tough to be productive, Thanko's new necktie packs a digital mini video camera light & thin enough to escape notice. Even the camera lens is tiny, buried within the many light-colored spots that decorate this not-too-shabby looking necktie - if you want to see shabby, check out the Fan Necktie (right) which is also a clip-on, adding insult to injury.

In any case, the USB Camera necktie is more than just a gimmick (though it's gimmick quotient is above 90%). More than just a loud necktie, it's also a wireless security camera system! Memory capacity is 4GB allowing up to 4 hours of admittedly grainy, low-res, 352 x 288 px resolution video to be recorded as an AVI file and uploaded to your comp (running Windows XP or Vista) via an attached USB connector.

Good enough for court use should you record any boardroom or supply closet hanky-panky. Video can be recorded for continuously for up to 30 minutes and battery recharging time is about two hours. Best of all, this unique surveillance spy camera includes an easily concealed remote control to ensure you don't get caught overly fondling your tie. Worth $130 plus shipping? If you think so, go to Thanko. (via Crunchgear)

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