Fashion Size Shrinking? Don’t Let Your Wardrobe Suffer The Same Fate, Use Transitional Sizes

One of the biggest challenges of dieting or exercising to build body mass is maintaining a professional wardrobe to keep up with your changing body size throughout the process. Transitional Sizes is a fashion rental program that allows individuals to maintain a vast wardrobe that fits their lifestyle, without the price tag of overhauling their existing wardrobe to keep up with their changing body.

Transitional Sizes offers name brand clothing and caters to the professional career woman, aged 25 and up, who find themselves at a transitional size; having not yet reached their ideal goal weight. Everyone needs something to wear during this stage, so Transitional Sizes its clothing sizes S-3XL and sizes 4-26 for both their rental clothing selection and the new fashion items available for sale. Rental items are thoroughly cleaned, and rented for a 30 day period at a time at rates starting around $8 USD for the month. Fashion lovers can choose from a wide selection of skirts, dresses, suits and sweaters; which they can buy out at a discounted rate if in the end they decide they're happy with their size.

Transitional Sizes does also offer new clothing for sale, and while they do offer a wide variety of fashion items for every size, the real innovation in this fashion company exists in their selected niche market; clothing rental for the perpetual dieters.

With fashion for every size and style taste, this one's a winner!

Via: Trendhunter