Fashion For The Tree Hugger: Reclaimed Birch Bark Etsy Purse

Tree Huggers support environmental activism, but some of them also just really like trees, and this is a unique fashion accessory for the latter, though it does also have eco-friendly properties!

Birch Bark PurseBirch Bark Purse

The unique Birch Bark Purse from a store on Etsy is made from reclaimed birch bark left behind by loggers who cut down trees behind the designer's home. Although the purses do look like logs from birch trees, no trees are directly harmed in the making of these bags since all materials used are reclaimed from the woods after damage has already been done. Depending on your definition of eco-friendly, the birch bark purses just might fit the bill, because at least no portions of the trees which have been cut down are going to waste since they find new purpose in fashion.

Eco-Friendly Wooden PurseEco-Friendly Wooden Purse

The outside edges of this unique purse are made from pine, and even the handle brings fashion lovers closer to nature since a twig is used! The purse seems to have gotten a lot of hype, though it does resemble a jewellery box a bit more than a purse - but hey, if you're hugging trees then you can't afford to be picky.

Via: Regretsy